Disclaimer: I have not—not in the long ago or recent past, or lordhelpme, in the future will I ever—harbor feelings like this.

I have, however, been really, really sad, and it’s messed me up. I just wish I would have so eloquently written down my lessons learned. Well done, Natalia. And good luck.

“I learned that living is hard. That my depression would constantly make me feel like my lungs were filled with dark water and my legs made out of melting wax. That I was going to have to try harder than most, every single day of my life. But I also learned that the fight is worth it. I mean, life is cheese pizza, rain drop races, and fathers with hearts coated in gold. It is love and faith, and though there might not be much we can do about how horrible Mountain Dew is, life is worth sticking around for a second or two. I learned that living is hard. But I learned that dying is much, much harder.”

“What You Learn When You Attempt Suicide,” by Natalia Castells-Esquivel. Read the rest here