My eyes burn. I’ve been so incessant (obsessed) with the desire to get my new blog published that I’ve spent hours (in addition to the already-mandatory eight-plus) a day on the computer scouring the World Wide Web for a hosting site that would befit such a frilly, frivolous author, that I can barely see. Words like “content management system,” “domain,” “widget” and even a few like “</head>” “.gaq” and “.gat” have burrowed into the browns of my eyes so many times, they’ve managed to hitchhike their way into the “stuff I know about” camps of my brain.

I’d much prefer to be spending this increasingly overwhelming amount of time on writing the words that will dance in front of the HTML—the part that feels less like a sprawling foreign land where everyone speaks a different language, but it turns out I’m stubborn. Blogger won’t give me the customization I want? Fine. I’ll use instead. Wait, WordPress won’t do the analytic sleuthing I secretly covet? Maybe Blogger wasn’t so bad… No, wait, it is. Now you’re trying to tell me there’s a third option? A WordPress.ORG option? Stop. Just stop it.

Sliding my eyes from the Word doc to the cosmopolitan notebook just long enough to scribble this down (even if I have to go crawling back to the PC to post it later) has returned so much vision-giving, headache-preventing moisture to my eyes that I would enthusiastically film an Acuvue commercial, which can only mean one thing: I need to keep writing.

Even as I devote what I know will be an FTE’s workmonth’s worth of hours to the look of my blog, I need to keep going with the feel. The words need to keep coming, or the fonts and number of columns won’t matter. So for that, and for now, this URL will still be my home—but no longer my epithet.