Before I get up on that altar (and more importantly, before Bride Brain takes over) and say all the things that would be true with or without a ring, there are a few I want to put to paper as pre-nuptial promises to him, you—and me.

I promise to say thank you every day. Thank you for the cards, thank you for the likes, and thank you for the twinkle in your eyes as you hug me and tell me you knew all along.

I promise to say thank you to you, too. Thank you for my ring, thank you for the beautiful gesture, and thank you for indulging me when I mindlessly swipe page after page of white dresses on my tablet instead of focusing on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine with you. (Oh, and sorry…)

I promise not to let my imagination get the best of me. One of the reasons we work is our shared desire for a simple, satisfied life. Our party should be exactly that. Simple. Sweet. Satisfying.

I promise to talk about other things, too. Even with my BFFs. And my mom.

I promise to stop being afraid of becoming a cliche. The truth is, I already am. Marriage is a cliche. Brides are a cliche. Having babies and buying houses and drinking wine and writing blogs are cliches. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy them when it’s my turn.

I promise to savor every moment from now until the B-Day. We’re only going to be engaged once, just like we only fell in love once, only met once, and will only be together for life once. That’s worth celebrating in itself.

I promise to watch over the sparkly, expensive symbol of our commitment as if it were a new limb. Losing it would hurt as much.

I promise not to be disappointed if my Pinspiration is bigger than our budget. This means trying really, really, super hard to not let what other people think sway me. Like Papi always said, there will always be someone who has more than you, but there will always be someone who has less, too. Some couples have Italian villas, top-floors in downtown hotels, or $200 centerpieces. Some have Martha Stewart-like talent and can build a Cinderella-esque ceremony from scratch. Others have a courthouse and a pitcher of Coors. I have a healthy heart, supportive friends and family, and you. I already have everything I need for the wedding of my dreams.