Lucy, my favorite four-legged sister, turned 13 just a few days ago. Usually, her birthday isn’t much more than a funny little anecdote my mom and I laugh about the week of, but this year is different. Thirteen is a big number for a big dog, and we can’t be sure how many more she’ll get. As scary as that is, that’s not what I want to talk about today. Because today, well, today is National Dog Day, and the Internet has been aflutter with photos and videos of the best furry friends a girl could ask for. I’m so excited about it that I wrote a haiku.

This one’s for you, Lucero. Thanks for barreling into our lives, licking and knocking over everything in your path. Oh, and for letting me borrow all those Halloween costumes—even if you wore them better.

Wet nose, floppy ears

Big heart and bigger kisses

Littlest sister

– – – –

Mom chose a beagle

Dad brought you and we laughed

We know, you chose us