At different points in my life, Wednesday has been both the best (no class until after 11!) and worst (East coast-client morning meeting…) day of the week.

Now, it’s the day I can freely fangirl over someone else’s wordsmithing, whether it’s poignant, cheeky or just damn good. Pieces like this one make my hands twitch–my fingers ache–in search of a pen. It makes me wish I’d written it.

So without further ado I bring you, the world’s first WIWiW:

“The next night I biked home in a red-faced fury. A middle-aged man had called me a “pretty idiot” because I made him wait for a table, and my manager had yelled at me for not knowing that the middle-aged man was one of the restaurant’s investors. In my head I was already writing a scene in which Hank would have to take a phone call from a very famous and very rude wine-maker. But Hank wouldn’t be forced to apologize to the stone-faced man with salt-and-pepper hair and ice blue eyes and then go cry in the bathroom. Instead, Hank would just hang up on him and go smoke a cigarette. His boss would admire his gumption, and might even decide to send him abroad on an exciting top-secret wine-finding mission.

“We Found Hope in a Mega Millions Ticket” by Mary Mann. The full article can be found here.