Should I have told them what our colors are? Did they like them? But like, really like them, or were they just saying they did to spare my feelings? Does it matter? I wouldn’t necessarily like their colors, and that’s OK. Also, I like my colors. That matters.

I like the save-the-dates we decided on yesterday. But—invitations. Do I need to include the website URL on those? That would require creating a website. Do I really want to manage another one? Do I really want to use one of those corny free templates? I don’t want any of this to be corny. Is the invitation wording corny? This whole thing is kind of corny. Especially the dress. Do I really want to spend that much money? Do I want a dress I’ll wear once, or the 55 hamburgers that cash could buy?

Strapless is cheesy. I like my shoulders, though, so maybe? Then I’d have to wear a necklace, and, no. That’d be lame, because I don’t wear necklaces. Would I be able to wear white heels again? What if the DJ is a diva? I wonder if he’ll think we’re losers for wanting so much Buble. What about the napkins? Does our venue have them in the colors we want? I don’t want any photos of us making a heart with our hands. That’s dumb. Will the photographer think I’m too pushy? Where the hell can we get nice engagement photos taken in February? Did I pack socks in my gym bag this morning? I hope it’s not raining after work today. Would a short dress make my knees look fat? Would mom be crushed if I didn’t wear a long gown? Would I? Is it October yet?