In another life, I lived for someone who saw the stars a world away from where I was wishing on them. Over the years, we’d gotten pretty good at ignoring the distance. We had DM, IM, MMS, SMS—all the necessary acronyms for a healthy, connected relationship. With all these secret weapons, what did people who were in a one-location relationship have that we didn’t?

OK, fine. There were a couple things. Well, most notably, this one thing. An eensy, teensy little one: They always knew what the other person looked like. Daily. Specifically. Immediately, and over a period of time. So, like we’d already done with movie night and dinner dates, we found a techie alternative. 

Which brings me to the million unabashed Myspace (I refuse to pander to all the 13-year-olds in the world who think they invented the arm-in-shot photograph of yesteryear by calling it a “selfie”) photos below. For nearly two years, I smuggled my smartphone into the bathroom and posed for the “I’ll show you mine (my outfit, that is) if you show me yours!!” photo shoot. 

During that time, I got a couple hair cuts and even into better shape, but I don’t think those are the most obvious, or even the most significant changes. Something else was happening that changed more visibly than my ‘do. So I kept on snapping pics. This time, just for fun.

Avid followers, I’ll let you guess what it was that changed. (And in which outfits…) Hint: When one door closes, another one is opened for you on a flirty first ride home. And then you start to smile again.

PicMonkey Collage_1