So here’s the thing. I don’t want this to be bigger or pricier or stress-ier than absolutely, minimally necessary. I don’t want it to be all-consuming, all-encompassing, or all-or-nothing. I don’t want it to be hard.

I do want it to be well-planned, well-executed, and fun. I do want there to be thoughtful, personalized touches. I would love for it to be as special to everyone else as it is to me.

But none of that matters if it’s interfering with us. The point of this whole thing is to celebrate. If we can’t see the marriage through the place settings, we’re doing it wrong.

We’ve never done this before, and some days, the learning curve feels more like a mountain. I think what we keep forgetting, though, is that we have a guide. We have a Tenzing Norgay who will be right there beside us the entire climb, each time we stumble and think we can’t take another step. So let’s keep going. Because just like the first guy to summit Mt. Everest, we’re not doing it alone.