Halloween 2011Hi. I’m Carla Continenza: Midwest native, wanna-be yogi and forever top-bun devotee. Since even before I could write, I knew I wanted to forever.

Even when I couldn’t quite hold a pencil upright between my chubby, marker-stained fingers, I was filling Composition notebooks (my favorite still today) with page after page of dreamy, swirly cursive imitations. It was the kind of gibberish only a child desperate to record pretty things would create.

So when it came time to check a box under “major” at 17, the choice was clear. With a silent apology to my papa, I glossed right over “business” and marked “journalism.” I spent the next four years at the University of Minnesota assuming I’d graduate as a magazine editor at a hip, urban publication. I didn’t.

After moving to Portland in 2009 and finding my place as a copywriter and a “lil crumb gremlin” to the sweetest husbabe that exists, I’m glad. Being a magazine editor in Minnesota wasn’t my path.

My last blog, So Long, Lonesome, told that story. It was the tale of a girl scribbling her way through life, trying to figure out each letter as she went.

This blog, I hope, will be where she finally gets the hang of it.